Don't Spend Your Free Time Raking Leaves

Don't Spend Your Free Time Raking Leaves

Arrange for fall leaf cleanup services in Grand Rapids, MI

The red and orange leaves are beautiful when the seasons first begin to change, but they aren't so pretty when they're all over your lawn. Get rid of dead leaves quickly with help from Grand Lawn Care. We provide fall leaf cleanup services to homeowners in and around Grand Rapids, MI.

We typically provide this service starting in October. Call us now to make an appointment for leaf cleanup services. Do you already have your leaves piled up? Give us a call we will remove them for you! 


Why is it important to clean up dead leaves?

If you want a healthy, thriving lawn, you shouldn't leave dead leaves to rot on it. Dead leaves will...

  • Cause fungi growth
  • Suffocate your lawn
  • Attract pests

You can count on our team to provide efficient fall leaf cleanup services. We price our services based on how many bags we need to use.

Reach out to us today to schedule leaf cleanup services.