Let Your Lawn Breathe

Let Your Lawn Breathe

Arrange for a lawn aeration service in Grand Rapids, MI

If you use your yard heavily, the soil may become impacted. This makes it harder for vital nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Thankfully, Grand Lawn Care offers a lawn aeration service in Grand Rapids, MI.

We use a high-quality lawn aerator to put small holes around your yard, which give water, air and nutrients an easier path to grass roots. We can also seed and fertilize your yard to make sure you get lush, healthy grass. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

How to get the most from lawn aeration services

A lawn aerator does a great job improving grass and soil health on its own. However, you can make the most of lawn aeration by:

  • Mowing and watering your lawn before aerating it
  • Not mowing your lawn for a week after aerating it
  • Fertilizing your lawn after aerating it
Want to learn more about our lawn aeration service? Get in touch with our team right away.